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A new light dawns on Nuuday

August 23, 2022 | DTW news room

Nuuday’s new CEO, Jon James, is on a mission to have the company fully cloud-based and ‘evergreen’ after structurally separating into Serveco and Infraco in January. This is one keynote not to miss!

Q. Tell me about Nuuday and what attracted you to the company
A. Nuuday is the largest operator in Denmark across B2C and B2B, with all the complexity of a European incumbent – from consumer bundles to streaming products to highly sophisticated network SI and cyber security services for Denmark’s largest businesses – but in one of Europe’s smallest markets.

Delivering successful transformations has been my focus for over ten years, but the opportunity to lead such a comprehensive, rapid migration to the latest generation of cloud IT comes along rarely and allows us to transform our customer experience and the business itself radically.

Q. What have been the biggest challenges in the company’s recent digital transformation?
A. Our digital transformation is in its early stages, having announced our partnership with Netcracker only in June. But we have worked extensively with our European peers to identify common lessons and design our plan explicitly to take advantage of their experience – we’ll be sharing some of them in our keynote

Q. You will be speaking at our premier event in Copenhagen, what will you be sharing with us?
A. We believe that Nuuday is undergoing a genuinely unique transformation, with the opportunity to create an operator close to the future ‘target state’ for the ServeCo element of telcos.

I will share how Nuuday was one of the first European telcos to separate into a Serveco (Nuuday) and an Infraco (TDC Net). I’ll also outline how we are planning to tightly focus on the areas where we can genuinely differentiate – marketing, innovation, CX – and step back from running IT except where it helps us differentiate.

Q. What would you say to people thinking about coming to Copenhagen for DTW to convince them?
A. Firstly, Copenhagen is a beautiful city with extraordinary food. Whether you want to hang out in Christianshavn and drink beers by the water or shop with the hipsters in Nørrebro, everyone finds a part of Copenhagen they love.

Secondly, I hope that the Nuuday story can challenge my colleague’s and peers’ conceptions of how telcos can and should operate in the world of serveco/infraco separation, and encourage them to reconsider how they should transform to remain competitive and relevant in a world of next gen ServeCos.

Jon James is speaking on Wednesday 21 September, you can read more about his session here.